Form2Win – Groundbreaking Horse Race Handicapping App Arrives in the USA

USA, Canada and Puerto Rico Horse Racing Mobile Data, Powerful Analytical Tools, Fast and Easy to Use

Form2Win (, developed by Fantasy Gaming Corp. (FGC) is a Horse Race Handicapping  Mobile App with game-like graphics and an easy, intuitive interface that empowers Horse Racing Pros – and those that want to be – to view, sort, compare and analyze horse racing performance history (PPs); for all USA, Canada and Puerto Rico Races in record time with minimum effort.

The Apple, Android and PC Apps are available for free download via Links on; with FREE ACCESS to USA, Canada and Puerto Rico Races run over the prior 2 days, to allow for familiarization with the Form2Win functionality. All Live USA, Canada and Puerto Rico Races are accessible for a monthly, all-inclusive fee of US$19.90, Each registered user can access the PC, Android, and Apple versions with one registration.

Form2Win enables Bettors to make informed selections, on which horses to bet, and how much, while checking likely payouts in seconds, using live odds. Form2Win incorporates racing data sourced from the USA’s premier source, Equibase, and live odds from AmWager, Form2Win’s online Partner.

Form2Win integrates easy-to-learn horse racing information viewing; graphing; handicapping and analytical tools, bet calculators and bet simulators into a single powerful App that delivers effective results to Bettors of all technical levels, in a package that looks and performs more like a game than the analytical powerhouse it is.

For those new to horse racing that may want to learn about horse racing without risking real money, Form2Win also includes a Bet Simulator – SimBet – integrated with live odds from AmWager, or morning line odds from Equibase.

Creating and recording SimBets allows users to test multiple analytical settings to develop betting strategies and winning formulations, without spending a cent on Bets. Easy as click, click, click! With Form2Win you are on a winner…without it, you are not in the Race!

About Fantasy Gaming Corp and Form2Win
Form2Win was developed by Fantasy Gaming Corporation, an Australian-based Gaming Technology developer and Torus Games, an Australian Games Developer. FGC is developing a range of products for the Racing Industry and is currently partnering with AmWager to develop a new high-performance integrated Betting Interface to facilitate the Betting process. FGC is committed to bringing a new and dynamic vision to the Horse Racing Industry through a set of powerful, effective, affordable, and dynamic Digital Tools for Punters of all levels.

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Images available upon request – iPhone Screen Shots of the Form2Win App

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