Free Webinars for Clubs

Is your club looking for a Zoom speaker this winter season?

Dr. Joyce Harman, DVM is offering FREE webinars for your horse or dog clubs through April 2021.

The topic, “What is all the Hype About Hemp?”.  Dr. Harman will present a professional and educational slide show about the benefits and cautions of this widely misunderstood herb.  Dr. Harman has been using this plant for over 25 years and feels confident in her experience as a Holistic Veterinarian to educate horse and dog owners of the potentials Hemp holds. Questions will be addressed from the group at the end of the lecture.

  • The science behind Hemp
  • The many uses of hemp for nutrition and supplementation
  • How to read labels
  • How Hemp is grown and harvested
  • The importance of the extraction process, what chemicals are used to process CBD
  • Case Studies
  • And more

Plan your winter lecture now and do not miss out on a practicing veterinarian speaking to your membership. Contact Karen for more details:

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