EQUUS Film & Arts Fest Virtual Event Announces Encore Screenings of Nine Past WINNIE Winners

EQUUS Film & Arts Fest Virtual Event is screening a collection of nine past WINNIE Winners at this year’s Virtual Event! You can watch International filmmakers as well as home grown ones in our EQUUS Pop-Up Gallery on the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest website FREE to the public. Filmmakers from around the world will be virtually joining us to celebrate the horse, with Zoom interviews hosted by EQUUS Team members, Diana De Rosa, Juliann Neal, Lisa Mae DeMasi, and Milt Toby.

We chose the Encore films because of their rich cultural heritage, as well as the themes of Environmental Awareness, Native American culture, Veterans and PTSD, Women’s Empowerment, and more.

Roopa Barua’s Daughters Of The Polo God from India, Hanna Luiza Ceglińska-Leśnodorska’s beautiful film from Poland, Bask The Revolution In America, April Anderson’s, Tails From Iceland and Karen Sailer’s, My Magical Journey, Jolanda Ellenberger’s, High Sensitive Youth In A Horse Heart Space highlight our International encore film line-up

David Glossberg’s Mustang Saviors documentary, celebrating the bond between Veterans and wild Mustangs taken straight off the range, is turning despair into hope, will be available for the 10 days of the festival along with an interesting Zoom interview David did with Diana De Rosa, available for FREE to the general public in the EQUUS Pop-Up Gallery.

When The Dust Settles, the story of Mustang horses and the young women from the Mustang Leadership Partners program, The Edge from producer Julianne Neal, discusses the environmental changes in our modern world and it’s effect on us and our horses through horse trainer Bruce Anderson and his Natural Humanship program with a Zoom interview with the film’s director James O’Connor. The Maryland Horse Industry Board is sponsoring, Racing The Times with a Zoom interview hosted by Diana De Rosa and featuring Ross Peddicord, Director of the MHIB.

The EQUUS Film & Arts Fest Virtual Event takes place November 13 – 22, 2020. The Virtual Pop-Up Gallery will be located on the EQUUS website, all of the EQUUS Filmmakers, Artist, Authors and more  can be found there. The films and documentaries will be available on the Film Festival Flix platform.

A list of the films will be available on the EQUUS Film Festival website. Virtual visitors will be able to watch these amazing films and then listen to the filmmakers as they discuss their projects on the website.

There will be an interesting and educational selection of PANELS at this year’s fest and you will be able to watch them on the EQUUS website.

We will have a dedicated interview team headed up again this year by Diana De Rosa along with Julianne Neal, Candace Wade, Milt Toby and Lisa Mae DeMasi who have been reaching out to the filmmakers, authors, podcasters, and artist from around the world to capture their experiences of their film, art, podcast and writing process. We have given every creator the opportunity to digitally talk about their work with our on-line Zoom interviews.

In celebration of EQUUS Film & Arts Fest, we eagerly approach our Eighth season with the message “Pony On”.   #PonyOn  #EQUUS2020

Lisa Diersen and Diana De Rosa continue their passionate mission of being the best Equestrian Film & Arts Fest in the world.  We must “Pony On” because storytelling and filmmaking, art and literary creation never stops and we support those hard-working storytellers, no matter their medium towards future success.

Tickets available at  https://filmfestivalflix.com/equus-film-arts-fest/purchase-tickets/

Founded in 2013 by Lisa Diersen, Fest Director, an avid equestrian who has spent her life in the company of horses. Lisa’s mission is to show the world how horses can bring everyone together regardless of race, age, gender, abilities or disabilities. She presently raises, trains, and loves Lusitano horses in Maple Park, Illinois, with her faithful campion, the spunky Jack Russell, Amore.

 Diana De Rosa, an international equine photographer and journalist, joined EQUUS in 2015 as co-organizer of the NYC event. Diana is a veteran equestrian photojournalist, who has traveled the world and has recorded equestrian history for over 35 years. Her story and photography have taken her to over 30 countries. An accomplished rider herself, De Rosa understands the horse world from many different angles. She also has two of her own columns on hubpages.com/@dianaderosa. Her photography can be seen at www.dianaderosa.com

 The EQUUS Film Festival highlights and rewards the diverse and creative efforts of those who pay artistic homage to the horse.

 Visit our website at www.equusfilmfestival.net and like us on FaceBook and Twitter.


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