Equestrian Skill Builders LIVE with Laura Kelland-May

Special Guest – Laura King, Author of, “The Power to Win”

Laura Kelland-May is excited to have Laura King, of Summit Hypnosis and Wellness and author of The Power to Win,  as a guest on Equestrian Skill Builders Live November 21st, 9:30 am Eastern. “I’ve been asked many times how riders can boost their confidence and I think Laura King will be able to give some insight into this,” says Kelland-May.

The Equestrian Skill Builders Live broadcast was developed by Kelland-May to provide a resource for horse owners and riders and can be found on The Equestrian Skill Builders Facebook Page and on Kelland-May’s YouTube Channel. “Interviewing equestrian professionals who can help all riders and horse owners is my goal,” says Kelland-May.

Laura King of Summit Hypnosis and Wellness, is sought after by Olympians, leading edge CEO’s, public figures, professional athletes, prominent physicians, award-winning trainers, and parents. She has appeared on the “Rachael Ray Show”, and has been a guest on local television and radio shows across the country, and now on Equestrian Skill Builders Live. Through these appearances and working with clients, Laura teaches individuals how to utilize their minds to make lasting changes in both their performance and lives. In her book, The Power to Win, King explains how the use of hypnosis and NLP can easily help anyone conquer fear, build confidence and obtain unprecedented success.

This is a live broadcast and viewers are encouraged to ask questions and comment on the information that is being discussed. “We try to cover four main topics which include riding and exercises, but sometimes we get wrapped up in interesting discussions and questions from the live viewers; sometimes we lose track of time”, says Kelland-May.

“I am honored to have Laura King on as a special guest this week. It will be exciting to speak with a wellness professional who can help riders understand how their confidence can affect their horse and how they can promote a positive attitude with their riding,” says Kelland-May.

Equestrian Skill Builders Live is on Facebook and YouTube. If you miss the live broadcast, Kelland-May says, “not to worry, you can catch the replay, but I encourage you to join us live”.

Laura Kelland-May is an Equestrian Canada Senior Judge (Jumper, Hunter, Equitation and Hack), Senior Steward, Competition Coach Specialist, High Performance Trained and is the host of the weekly live broadcast Equestrian Skill Builders Live, from her YouTube and Facebook pages.

Upcoming guests on Equestrian Skill Builders Live with Laura Kelland-May broadcast include:

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