Barngoddess Enterprises Launches Canter to Confidence Community

Barngoddess Enterprises announces the debut of Canter to Confidence Community. The membership program is designed to help horsewomen 40+ who have lost their riding confidence due to injury, illness, or the effect of ageing.

The format consists of bi-monthly sessions on Zoom where members will gather in real time for a lecture by Equestrian Confidence Coach, Janet Winters.  Interactive discussions among members to follow.

The sessions will address the essential factors for regaining confidence.

  • Mindset/Reset: controlling fear that begins and ends in the mind. Reprograming thinking from default to deliberate.
  • Mind/Body Build-up: getting strong mentally and physically to stay secure in the saddle & increase confidence.
  • Trust/Communication: developing a new and better understanding of the horse/human relationship, powering a future of success.

“This format provides women the opportunity to learn specific skills and strategies to mitigate fear and anxiety riding and working with horses. It also provides a community where members can share their experiences and support each other on the journey back to confidence” said Ms. Winters.

For more information, contact: Janet Winters at

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