Dressage Instructors Network Presents, “It’s All About Your Riding Position” with Susan E. Harris

We are honored to share Susan E. Harris of Centered Riding and Anatomy in Motion. Susan will be our guest on the Dressage Instructors Network Facebook Live series on December 1st at 730 pm EST, 530 PM PST.

Randi Thompson, founder of the Dressage Instructors Network, states, “We are sharing free Facebook Live events so that professionals in the horse world have an opportunity to continue their education at home with leading trainers and judges. Susan is internationally known and will be discussing training exercises that professional riding instructors, or any rider, can use to go to the next level” Randi continues, “Those who attend Live at https://www.facebook.com/dressageinstructors can ask Susan questions during the show.  For those who are not able to attend the live show, we will be sharing the replay on the Dressage Instructors Network Facebook page.”

Susan E. Harris adds, “As an apprentice of Sally Swift of Centered Riding, I discovered the secrets of rider position changes that make a difference for riders of any discipline. I am thrilled to be sharing them with the Dressage Instructors Network.” Susan continues, “The topics we will be discussing include training exercises, illustrations I have created, and more.”

They include:

1) Breathing as an Aid.  You more likely than not, know that if your riders (or you) are not breathing, your riding position will remain tense which the horse can easily sense. How can you control your breathing?

2) Are your riders (or you) really centered in the saddle?  What does this mean and how can you teach them to feel when they are centered.

3) The following seat.  Freedom of movement. For you, or your riders to excel in the show ring, a following seat is what will set you apart from the competitors. Wait until you hear about these training exercises that will make the difference and show off your skills as a trainer.

4) Sally Swift’s (Founder of Centered Riding) “Comparable Parts” Exercise.  It’s time to show your riders (or you) how to feel how the horse is moving under them with training exercises that are easy to understand and use.

5) It’s all about the turns! Now you will be able to teach your riders (or yourself) how to turn or ride a circle more elegantly by teaching them how to Turn from their Centers. This will improve their balance and the horses.

Susan E. Harris is a renowned horse person, artist, riding instructor and international clinician who conducts Centered Riding clinics and Anatomy in Motion™ demonstrations. She is the author and illustrator of “Horse Gaits, Balance, and Movement”, “Horsemanship in Pictures”, “Grooming to Win”, the U.S. Pony Club Manuals of Horsemanship, and more. Susan apprenticed with Sally Swift, the founder of Centered Riding®. She teaches clinics in Centered Riding®, Anatomy in Motion™, and equine and rider bio mechanics.

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