Equine Authors Unite to Share Their Horsey Holiday Memories

Presenting a Special Holiday Edition of the Equestrian Author Spotlight Podcast

Carly Kade, the author of the In the Reins horse book series, presents a special holiday edition of the Equestrian Author Spotlight podcast. In this episode, a herd of equine authors unite to share their favorite horsey holiday memories. In addition, listeners of the episode have an opportunity to enter the Horse Books Make Great Gifts Giveaway.

“When I reached out to the equine author community about this special holiday edition of the podcast, they came back with such touching, creative and funny videos,” said Carly Kade, host of the Equestrian Author Spotlight. “Hearing their favorite holiday memories brought a big smile to my face. My hope is their stories bring a smile to my listeners, too.”

The Horse Books Make Great Gifts Giveaway includes:

Eight full-length paperbacks of each book in the Horses, Hearts & Havoc collection

Beautiful pillow to prop on while reading

Snuggly blanket to wrap up in while immersed in a story

Holiday Tin Collection from Grey Horse Candle Company

Mug for sipping a favorite hot beverage — tea and hot chocolate included

Door hanger to keep interruptions at bay

Canvas tote bag to carry it all

Journal for making notes

Set of fun equestrian magnets

Listeners can watch or listen to the episode packed with holiday cheer and enter the giveaway here: https://www.carlykadecreative.com/blog/a-horsey-holiday-special-equine-authors-share-their-merry-memories-horse-books-make-great-gifts-giveaway-equestrian-author-spotlight-podcast

The Equestrian Author Spotlight podcast takes listeners behind-the-scenes to hear first-hand inspirational stories from equine authors and learn how they have transformed their skills and passions into horse books. The weekly series, which is hosted and produced by Kade, features interviews with equine authors who love all things horses and writing about them.

In each episode, listeners will meet a new equine author and hear writing advice and marketing tips to help them write their own horse book. If you are an author, aspire to be an author, or simply love horse books, then the Equestrian Author Spotlight podcast is the perfect listen, whether commuting, exercising, doing housework, or even cleaning a horse’s stall

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Carly Kade is an award-winning independent author, horse owner, creativity coach, and the host of the Equestrian Author Spotlight Podcast. She helps fellow writers start, grow, and expand their author careers. Creative writing makes her spurs jingle!

Carly’s award-winning In the Reins equestrian romance book series was written with horse lovers in mind, no matter which discipline they ride. The horses are as vital to moving the story forward as the human characters are.

These books are perfect for poolside reading, taking to the beach, or settling down with after a day of horseback riding.

The In the Reins series is available now in audiobook, paperback and ebook on Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Kobo.

To purchase the books, please visit: https://www.carlykadecreative.com/


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