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 By  Eleanor M Kellon, VMD

 This is the 12th year of online course offerings at The saga began with NRC Plus,, a course based on the latest edition of the National Research Council publication Nutrient Requirements of Horses. It incorporates easy to understand anatomy, physiology and biochemistry along with nutritional recommendations to give the enrollee not only the “what” but also the “why” in diet balancing for horses. As in all the courses, there are abundant links to more in-depth reading and scientific articles for those who want to pursue any particular topic further.  Thousands of people, owners and professionals, from high school students to PhDs, have completed this course.

Also very popular is the Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance course,, born of Dr. Kellon’s decades long involvement with the group of the same name and it’s non-profit arm This course gives participants the most up-to-date information on the causes, management and effects of these common endocrine disorders, including laminitis.

Course offerings have expanded to a total of 12 full length, 10-week courses and four 3-week short courses. They cover a variety of topics from older horse care to performance horses; deworming to understanding blood work and reading radiographs, with participants from around the globe.

The courses are very flexible, with enrollees able to complete the materials at their own pace and post questions or comments at any time on the private groups set up for each course. Once registered, they may repeat the course and sit in on future discussion groups at any time, for no additional fee. Certification testing was introduced in the past year and we work with Equinology and the United States Dressage Federation programs, among others.

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About Dr. Kellon
Dr. Kellon is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School with an internship and Internal Medicine residency at New Bolton Center. In addition to owning Equine Nutritional Solutions and the ECIR outreach group, she currently is the Veterinary Specialist for Uckele Health and Nutrition and veterinary advisor to the non-profit ECIR Horse Inc.

Dr. Kellon blogs regularly on WordPress.

Eleanor Kellon, VMD
Equine Nutritional Solution

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