Horizon Structures Presents Series…When You Need A Horse Barn Yesterday

The immediate need for horse shelter can arise suddenly for many reasons:

  • Loss of existing structures to due to fire, flood, or hurricane.
  • The closing of your neighborhood boarding barn business
  • A change in personal finances requiring you to bring your horses home to save on boarding expenses.

Whatever the reason for your need for a horse barn yesterday, there is a solution.

Prefabricated horse barns such as the ‘ready to go’ shedrow or humble run-in shed can be purchased from construction companies online and are often available for delivery right away.

One of many advantages of the prefabricated building is that minimal site preparation is required and the new horse shelter can appear as if by magic, sometimes even within 24 hours of purchase.

Your proximity to the horse barn building company will affect the amount you pay for the delivery, but costs are surprisingly reasonable. If you are in the market for a new horse barn, resource larger companies that offer service nationwide from their network of experienced horse barn builders across the country. This will save you money on the freight costs.

Leading modular construction company, Horizon Structures LLC, based in Atglen, PA, offers an array of horse barn designs in a rainbow of color schemes offered in  low maintenance materials and constructed by their professional Amish crews. Barns, as well as other useful farm structures like sheds, chicken coops, etc. are available to choose from online from their stock that are ready for immediate shipment. We spoke with their Chief Marketing Officer, Jill Siragusa, to find out how fast is their “fast shipping” from buildings on their lot.

“Here at Horizon Structures, we try to always have a good selection of barns and sheds on our lot that folks in a rush can choose from and benefit from a discount price too. During this pandemic I admit our shedrow barns and run-in sheds were selling off our lot faster than we could replace them, but generally we have a variety of styles folks can pick from. If you call our offices don’t forget to ask if there are any specials available. For example right now we are offering Amazon gift cards for either $150 or $250 depending on the purchase price on orders for run-in sheds, equine hay feeders, outdoor living structures, chicken coops, kennels and playsets,” explained Siragusa.

Wherever you choose to buy your ‘instant’ horse shelter here are a few factors you should consider carefully before putting down your deposit.

  • Ensure the price quoted is ‘to the penny’ and includes all expenses including set up and delivery as well as unit price and mentions anticipated timeline for delivery, all of which should be provided in writing.
  • Ask about extra discounts if making multiple purchases at one time.
  • Financing may be available from larger companies. Don’t be shy to apply.
  • Check references out on the company to validate their timeliness on delivery and product quality.
  • Make sure there is a written warranty on the structure that clearly defines what coverage is offered.
  • Obtain any necessary building permits from your local town/village to add the structure to your property.
  • Review the access requirements to bring the structure on site and make sure you can comply with them.
  • If making price comparisons between companies don’t forget to consider the type of materials used and the quality of construction.

“We have worked with numerous folks over the years that have required a new horse barn or shelter yesterday,” said Siragusa, “ From Olympians like eventer Boyd Martin whose farm suffered a fire, to horse rescues like Flare Oaks that were hit by hurricane damage, to horse owners locked out of seeing their horses during the pandemic that wanted to bring their horses home. Whatever the reason we are happy to help get the need for shelter covered as quickly as possible.”

Horizon Structures LLC provides delivery of their prefabricated and modular barns nationwide and also offer 3rd party financing. If a new horse barn is on your ‘to do’ list, give them a call.

This article is authored by Nikki Alvin-Smith.

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This article is brought to you courtesy of Horizon Structures Inc., Atglen PA – Modular horse barn specialists. Horizon Structures also offers both residential and commercial kennels, chicken coops, multi-use structures and playsets. Please visit https://www.HorizonStructures.com to learn more.

About Horizon Structures:  One horse or twenty, there’s one thing all horse owners have in common…the need to provide safe and secure shelter for their equine partners.  At Horizon Structures, we combine expert craftsmanship, top-of-the-line materials and smart “horse-friendly” design to create a full line of sheds and barns that any horse owner can feel confident is the right choice for their horses’ stabling needs.

All wood. Amish Made. Most of our buildings are shipped 100% pre-built and ready for same-day use. Larger barns are a modular construction and can be ready for your horses in less than a week. All our barn packages include everything you need –

Horizon Structures also sells chicken coops, dog kennels, 1 and 2 car garages, storage sheds and outdoor living structures.

Headquartered in South-Central Pennsylvania, Horizon Structures, LLC is owned by Dave Zook.  Dave was raised in the Amish tradition and grew up working in the family-owned shed business.  He started Horizon Structures in 2001 in response to an ever-increasing customer demand for high quality, affordable horse barns.

For additional information about the company or their product line, please visit their website at https://www.horizonstructures.com

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