Brooke USA’s The Power of ONE Campaign Has Raised 40 Percent of Its One-Year Goal

Brooke USA is pleased to announce that it has reached the 40 percent mark of its “The Power of ONE” campaign, only three months into efforts to secure $1 million over a one-year period.  “The Power of ONE” recognizes the enormous value of every single donation and every single donor by emphasizing that it only takes one person to have a profound impact on millions of equine and human lives—ONE by ONE.

To date, Brooke USA has raised $400,000 of its original goal in support of programs that improve the lives of working horses, donkeys and mules, and the people they serve throughout the developing world.

All monies raised through Oct. 15, 2021 will be allocated to “The Power of ONE”, including generous donations made at end-of-year 2020 when the Holiday Season ramps up and giving increases. “During this time of the year, traditions are filled with messages of gratitude, generosity and a spirit of giving,” said Emily Dulin, CEO of Brooke USA. During the season, many people not only shop for gifts for friends and family but direct their money to their favorite charities as well. Dulin added, “Brooke USA is fortunate to count with an amazing corps of supporters who have pledged their commitment to helping vulnerable equine communities across the globe.”

#GivingTuesday, the designated global day that encourages every person to do good, raised an amazing $42,000 for Brooke USA and was jumpstarted by a $2,500 matching challenge by Taylor, Harris Insurance Services.

Michael Taylor, the agency’s president, explains that “for years, we have served as the first contributors to Brooke USA’s #GivingTuesday as we have always wanted to share our good fortune with others, especially as the year winds down. Our gift and those that we encourage throughout the day, make a positive difference in the lives of equines and people alike.” John Nicholson, chairman of the Board of Directors of Brooke USA, noted that “we are thrilled with the results and are ever-so-grateful to Taylor, Harris for setting the tone for a most successful fundraiser.”

This year, Prisma Imaging has lent its support to Brooke USA by offering to match donations by new donors – received before December 31, 2020 – dollar-for-dollar up to $2,500. This means that new dollars given by the end of the year will be doubled by Prisma’s generous donation.

Michael Silver, Prisma’s founder and chief executive officer, noted,” Our company was founded on the belief that our business serves a higher purpose than maximizing profits and that we can make a tremendous difference in the treatment of equines through a new system for diagnostic imaging. We also understand that there are horses, donkeys and mules that lack access to adequate healthcare; our goal is to eventually help them too.”

To learn more about Brooke USA’s current activities, listen to Brooke USA On The Road, the informative podcast series, airing on Spotify, Google Podcast and Apple Podcast. Each episode includes Brooke USA board members, ambassadors, and friends offering insights into how Brooke USA-funded projects are improving the lives of working horses, donkeys, and mules and progressing the livelihoods of people across the globe.

Brooke USA’s mission is to significantly improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, and the Caribbean by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.  Brooke USA raises funds to support a wide variety of programs for working horses, donkeys, and mules to help them become (and remain) healthy and happy now and in the long-term, which also benefits the very poor families who depend on those animals to help them earn a living. For more information, visit Brooke USA.

 Taylor, Harris Insurance Services was founded in 1987 to provide specialized insurance for all types of equine risk. They place policies with the highest rated and most secure carriers, meticulously selected for reliability and prompt claims settlement. For more information, visit About Taylor, Harris Insurance Services – THIS Horse Insurance

 Prisma Imaging has successfully developed a new system for equine diagnostic imaging that addresses the shortcomings of current technology. Founded in 2016, Prisma developed a system that captures CT and radiographic images of the entire anatomy of a standing, weight-bearing and conscious horse. The advanced imaging capabilities established through Prisma’s research and development is different from anything available in the marketplace. The resulting system represents a game-changer for the overall effect on equine diagnostics and horse health care. For more Information, visit Home | Prisma Imaging.

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