Hoof Print Marketing Announces HorseRookie.com’s Braided Equestrian Diversity Initiative

HorseRookie.com is an educational website dedicated to helping equestrians of all levels (especially rookies) answer common questions, make informed decisions, and have more fun with their horses.

Inclusion, diverse representation, and empowerment are critical — especially when it comes to our disproportionately white equestrian world.

That’s why we created “Braided: A Herd Dynamic,” our 3-strand initiative to showcase and support riders of color. https://horserookie.com/horse-riding-diversity/

The name is inspired by these core truths:

  • When we join together, the horse community is more powerful.
  • When we reflect diversity, the horse community is more beautiful.
  • When we embrace all voices, the horse community is more dynamic.

What We’re Focused On:

  • More Diverse Voices: on the Horse Rookie Blog, in the Media Guide, and on Social Media. We’re actively inviting riders of color to contribute articles about a wide range of topics. Meanwhile, we’re spotlighting influencers, brands, vlogs, and podcasts from equestrians of color.
  • More Diverse Imagery: Equestrian blogs, including Horse Rookie, typically rely on royalty-free stock imagery sites for photography. Unfortunately, riders of color are rarely featured in stock libraries. That’s why Horse Rookie is building our own Equestrians of Color photo library so the blog and our social media channels showcase and celebrate diversity in our sport.
  • More Financial Support: Horse Rookie will donate to a minority founded/run/serving nonprofit of choice for every contribution to the Equestrians of Color Photo Library and guest post from a rider of color (for more donation details, take a look at our Braided landing page).

How You Can Help

Past Braided Features on Horse Rookie

 Lindsey Rains is the owner of Hoof Print Marketing and partners with fellow equestrian content sites, including Horse Rookie and Savvy Horsewoman, to enrich the equine world through educational, inspirational, and inclusive content and marketing.

Contact: lindsey@horserookie.com

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