The Horse Professional’s Resource: Jen Paulson Creative

Horse professionals spend countless hours in the arena training horses, on the rail coaching riders, and in the barn caring for valued equine partners. On top of that, they also must teach themselves to market their businesses to keep the clients coming and the stalls full. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the month to do it all. That’s where Jen Paulson Creative comes to the aid of equine professionals.

Five years ago, Jennifer Paulson worked with Active Interest Media’s Catapult Creative Lab to develop the National Reining Horse Association Pro Trainer magazine, which is dedicated to helping NRHA Professionals grow and market their businesses, learn best practices, and plan for their futures. The successful project is now self-published quarterly by Jen Paulson Creative for NRHA as a digital publication that delivers to NRHA Pros worldwide.

Stemming from the Pro Trainer’s success, NRHA tasked Paulson with creating a digital marketing toolkit for NRHA Pros with three main goals: provide information that’s specially tailored for NRHA Professionals, offer action items to market their businesses, and help them better promote their businesses to gain new clients and build their brands.

“We aimed to create materials the pros could easily access, anywhere they had time to read and strategize,” Paulson shared. “The offering had to be easy to understand, activate, and see results, all without overwhelming the audience of NRHA Pros.”

The NRHA Professionals’ Marketing Toolkit launched in December 2020 with its first section, covering marketing strategy. The second two sections—addressing websites and social media—will go to NRHA Professionals in January and February 2021.

“By achieving the three goals, we elevate our entire profession, grow our sport, and become a standard other horse professionals emulate,” shared past NRHA Professionals Committee Chairman Patrick Flaherty.

Additionally, in 2021, Paulson takes the reins on the annual Certified Horsemanship Association publication, The Instructor. Here she hopes to provide the same service-oriented information this diverse group of equine professionals can use to amplify their marketing efforts and build their businesses.

Whether you’re an equine professional yourself or represent an organization looking to enrich your professional members, Jen Paulson Creative is ready to help horse trainers achieve their business and marketing goals in 2021 and beyond. Contact Paulson at and visit to learn how she can help you and your business.

Jennifer Paulson began Jen Paulson Creative almost two years ago after leaving a long career at Active Interest Media/Equine Network where she served as Western Editorial Director. Her key achievements there include overseeing the redesign/reposition of Horse&Rider magazine, along with developing the brand’s digital presence and the first-of-its-kind Horse&Rider OnDemand digital video platform. She also played a key role in developing new business opportunities, recognizing audience needs and preferences, and bringing those aspects together to develop profitable initiatives. Paulson has spent most of her career in the equine industry, but five years at a leading advertising agency give her a unique perspective to draw upon that make her talents stand out and allow her customers to achieve their goals and beyond. Learn more about Paulson’s work at

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