Classic Equine: Ceramic Wraps

Increase Circulation; Decrease Inflammation

Horses of all disciplines experience inflammation, whether it’s due to the wear and tear of the rodeo road, the high-impact movements of a performance horse, or the stress of covering terrain on a trail ride or when doing ranch work. The Classic Equine Ceramic Wraps can help ease inflammation while increasing circulation to dissipate swelling and discomfort.

Ceramic lining in each wrap reflects the horse’s own body heat to promote thermal infrared therapy, which aids in circulation and reduces inflammation. The wraps’ neoprene shells are secured with hook-and-loop straps to keep the wraps in place securely enough to use them in the trailer or in a stall. The wraps come in sets of two, and you can purchase replacement inserts for use with multiple horses.

Choose from sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. Wraps’ MSRP: $75.99; replacement inserts’ MSRP: $40.99.

Find these and other trusted Classic Equine products at your favorite authorized retailer. For more information and to locate a dealer nearest you, visit Remember to follow Classic Equine on Facebook and Instagram.

 A leader in innovation, Classic Equine continues to be one of the most trusted sources for equine performance products. Using the best materials and designs available, Classic Equine provides the equipment that riders rely on every day to enhance performance and excel in their given sport. Classic Equine is a part of the Equibrand Products Group family of equine product brands based in Granbury, TX.

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