Same Spitfire®; New Smaller Size

Introduced in 2020, the Rattler Spitfire® is the first professional breakaway rope of its kind. It’s designed specifically to reach and rope the neck with a customized process and technologically advanced fibers that allow the loop to stay open and close sharp, fast, and tight around the target.

New for 2021, Rattler releases the Spitfire® in a 40—specially sized for youth ropers or those who need a smaller rope to handle. It features the same enhanced tip with a weighted feel, helping you feel confident about where the loop is and guiding it to its target. The Spitfire® shell is extremely smooth, allowing the rope to feed fast and easy.

The Rattler Spitfire is available in 40/S, 50/S Pro, and 60/S Plus, all in 28-foot length. MSRP: $43.99.

Find these and other trusted Rattler Rope products at your favorite authorized retailer. For more information and to locate a dealer nearest you, visit Remember to follow Classic Equine on Facebook and Instagram.

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