Ride Your Best Path Personally and Professionally with Life Coach Katie Navarra

In the professional world, you can’t just throw the reins at your partner and expect to be rescued.  But you can learn to hold on for the ride, if you are working with a life coach like upstate New York AHP member Katie Navarra. Everyone reaches a crossroad where a little coaching can go a long way toward making the right next move.

In December, the award-winning western riding writer completed an Executive Leadership Coaching program through Rutgers University, adding to a foundation in certified leadership training that she began back in college.

Within her coaching practice, she promises a down-to-earth, authentic, grounded and simple approach to finding your personal strengths and possibilities.

“Katie helped me clarify my goals during our life coaching sessions. She asked questions that led me to define what I really want out of life. She guided me towards realizing what I would like to be remembered for. She is perceptive and I strongly recommend her to anyone who would like to determine a course of action in their life that will bring lasting satisfaction and contentment,” raves Robyn Rominger, a client that Katie coached through the tumultuous last year.

“In 2020,” adds another life coaching client, Stephanie Ruff, “I unexpectedly found myself at a professional crossroads. Working with Katie’s marketing and coaching programs sharpened my focus. She helped me see how I could better use my strengths and improve upon my weaknesses, to move forward in a positive and productive manner.”

“Supporting others in pursuing their purpose in life is as much a passion for me as writing and horses,” says Katie, whose prior career spanned senior leadership roles in sales and marketing before now accepting clients for career and executive leadership coaching engagements. Melding that background with her equestrian experience has led to a unique approach to helping people find their mission, navigate that purpose and create meaning in life.

It’s a passion that has proven worth sharing. Just ask Emily Smith, who credits Katie with challenging her to honestly evaluate her needs and wants in regard to her own career trajectory. “This helped me truly consider what the right direction might be. As a result, I feel much more confident on the path I am taking. Katie was personable, thoughtful and engaging.”

Have you come to a fork in your own crossroad? Don’t throw away the reins and hope for the best. Call Katie and find out what drives you.

Set up a complimentary 30-minute introductory phone call with Katie Navarra now experience how coaching can benefit you. Email Katie at ktnavarra@gmail.com or (518) 312-7031.

Katie Navarra
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