What Does Olympian Peter Wylde, Lauren Hough and Philip Dutton Have in Common?

They all train at The Kamines Farm in Florida on a newly installed GGT-Footing recipe created by Kyle Gould of Four G Arena Surfaces!

The option selected includes a special recipe of high-quality manufactured sand mixed with GGT-Footing premium jumper blend.  The installation of this sand blended with GGT-Footing combines benefits of drainage and support. The installation of drains and proper irrigation provides support for this all-weather arena riding surface.

When asked about the training surface it was all smiles and BIG THUMBS UP as well as WE Love it!

Peter Wylde is the show jumping coach for the USA Eventing team. Peter has been an ambassador for GGT-Footing for several years. We appreciate his acknowledgement and support of GGT-Footing!

Keeping you updated on new arrivals at GGT-Footing

Did you know that we have now have Waterfree footing solutions?

Let me know if you would like more information! Cynthia.keating@polysols.com

We have also upped our groomer game with functional upgrades to our existing models and adding our double roller groomers to the lineup.

Our new arena groomers are being used at major shows across the country, including the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington. Florida Tryon International Equestrian in Tryon NC Center and Great Lakes Equestrian Festival at Traverse City Michigan, Murieta /Sacramento horse shows in Murieta, California.

After seeing these double roller groomers in action at shows, there is no match for the finish they put on your arenas!

Our 57” ATV compatible groomer is $2680

Our 71” Double Roller Groomer with a 3-point hitch is $6350

Our 87” Double Roller Groomer with a 3-point hitch is $7650

Our 87” groomer with a single roller and 3-point hitch is $5370

GGT-Footing™ is the equine footing division of Polysols, Inc. located in Spartanburg S.C. Originally based out of Germany, but due to demand in the USA, a plant was opened ten years ago to accommodate the growing needs. We also have accomplished arena builders around the world, ready to serve your every need for arena footing. Now offering a full line of Arena textile additives, specialty groomers, stall ez mats, arena butterfly matting systems, moisture control. Underwater ebb and flow systems and water free solutions.

Our products are used in private back yard farms to World Class Olympic level venues.

GGT-Footing is a world class product that you can afford!

For more information on GGT-Footing™
Contact: Cynthia Brewster-Keating at cynthia.keating@polysols.com or call 864-804-0011, Visit https://www.ggtfooting.com/


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