Shelley Paulson Equine Stock Photo Library Update!

Shelley Paulson, a commercial and editorial equestrian photographer based in Minnesota, announces an update to her Equine Stock Photo Library. The library contains over 9000 high-quality equine and equestrian images, making it easy to find just the right images for your equine brand or publication. Royalty-Free licenses and downloads are available directly from the site. Exclusive and Editorial rates are negotiated directly with Shelley.

Image Packs for Web and Print Now Available!

About a year ago, Shelley launched subscription options for web-sized images. “Over time, I realized that pre-paid web-sized Image Packs would be more useful because they don’t expire,” Shelley said, “so I added the option to buy a pack of images at a discount.” Shelley has removed subscriptions altogether and has added Print-sized Image Packs! To see detailed pricing, visit

New Categories

Shelley has added some new categories to her library: Holidays and Black Backgrounds.

  • Holidays include timely new images for Valentine’s Day and because she lives in Minnesota, a land of snow, she’s also been photographing horses wearing holiday wreaths against snowy backdrops, so keep those in mind for the 2021 holiday season! View Holiday images at
  • Black Background photos have become very popular in recent years and for good reason – they show the beauty of the horse with simple elegance and for marketers, they make it easy to extend the edges of an image to add copy and other graphics. Shelley has offered these types of images in my library for years, but have created a Category shortcut so they are now easier to find. In this category, Shelley is also including some images created in a studio setting as they have a similar aesthetic. View Black Background images at

Over 900 new images include:

  • 385 images of just horses, including stunning autumn and winter images.
  • 295 images of horses and people, including some children and Equestrians of Color.
  • 131 lifestyle images in and around the barn.
  • 46 images of cow work and western lifestyle featuring an Equestrian of Color.
  • 100 riding images in both fall and winter landscapes.

To see all the new images, go to the site’s Recently Added page.

To be notified of new content, be sure to join Shelley’s stock photo mailing list, found at

Free Social Media Photography Guide

Sign up for Shelley’s stock photo newsletter and you will receive the free guide, “5 Pro Tips for Using Photos on Social Media.” It’s an 8 page PDF with some of her best secrets and tips for better posts, more engagement, and streamlined social media workflow.

About Shelley Paulson
Shelley Paulson has combined her deep love of horses and photography to create a thriving business. Her work is known for its emotional impact, captivating use of light, thoughtful compositions, and rich color. Her equestrian work has been published worldwide and can be seen in various magazines, product packaging, and marketing collateral for major equine brands such as Nutrena, Farnam, and SmartPak. Her work is also featured in an award-winning book called Horses, Portraits & Stories, available here on

Shelley’s Full Web Site can be found at

Contact: Shelley Paulson


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