The Ride Podcast by Horse&Rider Starts Season Three

The Ride podcast—Horse&Rider’s bi-weekly podcast—is set to release season three on February 2, 2021.

Season three of The Ride, cohosted by editors Nichole Chirico and Michaela Jaycox, is bringing on more of the trainers that Horse&Rider fans know and love—and will also include a lineup of guests who have inspiring and unique stories about living their best Western horse life. In the first episode of season three, Nichole and Michaela talk with Mile High Rescue about getting into the rescue industry and how it’s changed their perspective about horses and will be followed by an episode with Horse&Rider OnDemand’s Brad Barkemeyer.

“We had so much fun in season two with each of our guests,” cohost Michaela Jaycox says. “Nichole and I have been crafting the podcast into a conversation that allows our listeners to feel like they’re in the room with us and part of the conversation. The guests we have lined up for this year are exciting and bring new voices to the podcast and will hopefully give our listeners inspiration to live their best Western horse lives while also getting to know the trainers that they’ve grown to love in the magazine.”

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About The Ride Podcast.
Editors and cohosts Nichole and Michaela chat about the industry’s latest news and their personal horse-life adventures, then sit down to talk with your favorite horsemen and -women. Delivered with a heavy dose of fun, The Ride is a bi-weekly podcast where Western horse lovers can get their fix.

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