Cavallo Hoof Boots: The American Driving Society, Inc. Approves Hoof Boots for Dressage and Combined Driving

The American Driving Society, Inc. board members ( voted to approve the use of hoof boots for driven dressage and combined driving events. For the 2021 rule book, rule changes allow driving competitors to outfit their horses and ponies with hoof boots—including those from ADS partner, Cavallo Horse & Rider (

The 2021 rule changes state “Hoof boots that cover the sole of the hoof are permitted” for rule 940.2. Rule 940.12 discusses shoes. “At ADS-recognized events, boots protecting the sole of the foot are allowed in Marathon.” Boots covering the sole continue to be allowed in pleasure classes.  

Cavallo Horse & Rider CEO Greg Giles says he is thrilled to hear the rule change. “This allows more horse-show competitors to choose hoof-care options that are best for their horses,” he says. He hopes that more show associations will follow suit, allowing hoof boots as a metal-shoe alternative.

ADS President Dan Rosenthal weighed in on the rule changes. “My view is that unlike bandages, hoof boots can’t be used to hide an issue. They are an aid to protect bare feet in venues where the ground is rough or rocky.”

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