New Training Guides Horse Business Owners Through A DIY Website Audit

Is your website in need of a facelift, update, or refresh but you don’t know where to start?

You’re not alone. Plenty of horse business owners get that social media can only get you so far and your website has the potential to be a great marketing tool—if only it was up-to-date and received a little more TLC.

That’s why Denise Alvarez with Stormlily Marketing just released The Ultimate Website Audit Training Kit.

“I know horse business owners prefer to be out in the barn (or arena or round pen) doing what they love to do rather than sitting behind a desk or even checking email or social media on their phone.,” says Alvarez. “So, I put together this audit training that anyone can go through on their website in less than an afternoon.”

In the training kit, Denise walks you through her five-step process to review your website and create an action plan so that it works to help you grow a sustainable horse business.

What’s in the training kit?

5-Step Audit Process

This is the process Denise uses when hired to audit a website, and she’s sharing it with you.

Audit Training Workbook Download

This workbook takes you through the audit process step-by-step and tells you what specific questions you should be asking yourself along the way.

Powerful (Yet Brief) Training Videos

Each training video is about 3 to 5 minutes and packed with powerful tips and examples to explain each element very clearly so you know exactly what you’re looking for on your own website.

BONUS: SEO Basics Checklist

There are a few basic things you can have in place to help you get found online. This bonus PDF checklist is the perfect starting point.

Ready to get started? Visit

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 About Stormlily Marketing
Owner Denise Alvarez is a horse girl who also loves marketing. Stormlily Marketing provides website design and email marketing services to equine businesses. If you want to grow your business but you’d rather be out with the horses than at your computer trying to figure out a website or email marketing, Stormlily Marketing is here for you.

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Denise Alvarez
Stormlily Marketing

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