Athletic Equestrian League to Host Virtual Collegiate Nationals with Judge Marnye Langer, Burbank, CA

Participate in National-Caliber Collegiate Competition from the Safety of your Home Barn

The Athletic Equestrian League(AEL) will host two virtual competitions for collegiate riders in March and April, utilizing its unique objective scoring system to provide equestrians in both English and western disciplines the opportunity to showcase their skills.  Collegiate athletes who compete in at least one competition will then qualify for the AEL Virtual National Championships April 17th, 2021, judged by Marnye Langer, Burbank, CA, USEF “R”. To participate, athletes must be part or full-time students, and can partner with riders at schools in their geographic area to form one team.

“With so many collegiate equestrian teams’ shows seasons placed on hold due to COVID-19, AEL is able to offer virtual competition due to our unique format,” says Sally Batton, Founder and President of the Athletic Equestrian League. “Whether schools have students on campus, some at home, or all at home, teams can participate through our video competition.”

AEL competition includes three phases: flat, fences and practicum for English riders, and horsemanship, patterns and practicum for western. Each riding phase counts for 40% of the final score, and the practicum counts for 20%. Riders are scored objectively against a set standard, making virtual judging fair and accessible, and all performance requirements are shared in advance. After the competition, riders receive their scoresheet, which includes written comments from the judge.

“If scoring is subjective, you don’t know how you did,” says Batton. “This format gives a set of scores that coaches and riders can understand.”

Videos must be filmed in one take, so rider performance is as similar to a regular horse show as possible. The practicum phase is administered at the athlete’s home barn with a signed affidavit that the work is that of the competitor alone. Attire is ‘athletic’, with teammates wearing matching team shirts rather than traditional show clothes. Awards will be presented virtually on April 27th.

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The Athletic Equestrian League is an organization of equestrian athletes who compete in practical horsemanship. Individual competition is offered in both English and Western disciplines and includes a Minis development division for 1st-3rd grades and competition for 4th-12th graders, Collegiate riders and adults. Team competition is offered in both English and Western for athletes in 4th-12th grade and at the collegiate level.

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