NRCHA Kicks Off 2021 Show Year with Increased Payouts

The National Reined Cow Horse Association Celebration of Champions, held February 9–20, 2021 at the iconic Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas, both wraps the 2020 competitive year and launches into the 2021 reined cow horse show season. Exhibitors vie for 2020 World Champion and National Champion titles in multiple divisions, and the show is home to the NRCHA World’s Greatest Horseman and the World’s Greatest Youth Horseman elite events as well as the Tres Osos Cow Horse Derby.

The NRCHA World Championships features the top horses and riders from each of the NRCHA’s eight geographic regions competing for championship titles. Due to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the NRCHA modified qualifying for the event. The World’s Greatest Horseman, presented by DT Horses and Hashtags, is all about one horse, one rider, one bit and one very impressive title. Following in the footsteps of the prestigious World’s Greatest Horseman, the MARS Equestrian™ World’s Greatest Youth Horseman will take place for the third consecutive year. The NRCHA Celebration of Champions also includes the Tres Osos Cow Horse Derby for 4- and 5-year-old cow horses.

For 2021, Celebration of Champions entrants will notice nearly a $50,000 increase in added money across multiple divisions. The DT Horses and Hashtags’ World’s Greatest Horseman added money increased to $100,000. The Tres Osos Derby added money was also enhanced with the Open division increased from $50,000 to $65,000 added and Open Novice Horses will now run at $5,000 added. Non Pro Derby riders will be competing for $20,000 added and Non Pro Limited Derby added money was raised to $3,500 added.

The increased payout continues throughout 2021, with the NRCHA Stakes, held March 26 through April 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and NRCHA Derby, held June 2 through 12 in Scottsdale, Arizona, adding $100,000 to the Open divisions. Non Pro Limited exhibitors ride for $10,000 added at the Derby and at the 2021 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity®.

“To those who have considered coming to a premier event, but have been held back by intimidation or feel you are not competitive enough, I hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong,” said NRCHA President Corey Cushing. “I am personally inviting you to come to your first premier event this year! You and your horse are good enough and you do belong there with us. I promise you it will be a welcoming, fun and enjoyable experience.”

The NRCHA Celebration of Champions has a daily live feed for each show arena, and it as well as more information on the five premier events hosted by the NRCHA, is available at

Based in Pilot Point, Texas, the National Reined Cow Horse Association was formed in 1949 in California, with the goal of preserving and educating the public about the rich history of this traditional horsemanship. The NRCHA is responsible for promoting the sport and ensuring high standards of competition and continuing to work to keep the Vaquero tradition alive in today’s equine industry. The NRCHA also supports numerous affiliate clubs across the United States, Europe and abroad. These groups serve as the association’s backbone, holding many NRCHA-sanctioned competitions and events each year.

National Reined Cow Horse Association

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