5 Benefits of Going LIVE in 2021  

Laura Kelland-May Presenting to AHP eGathering

Laura Kelland-May is excited to be presenting the “5 Benefits of Going LIVE” to the American Horse Publications (AHP) eGathering Wednesday February 10th 1:00pm Eastern.  “As we get a grip on 2021, there are new opportunities opening with live streaming”, says Kelland-May. She goes on to say to know what the benefits are and how to use them to position your business is a plus.

As the producer and manager of her own live streaming broadcast, Equestrian Skill Builders LIVE!, Kelland-May brings her experience and willingness to share the power behind live streaming to the AHP group. The Equestrian Skill Builders LIVE! broadcast was developed by Kelland-May to provide a resource for horse owners and riders and can be found on The Equestrian Skill Builders Facebook Page and on Kelland-May’s YouTube Channel.

“I’m very honored to be able to share my knowledge with the American Horse Publications eGathering,” Kelland-May continues, “Going LIVE is not a new thing, but these days the social media giants like YouTube and Facebook, love the live feeds and have adapted their algorithms to promote the channels that are going live.” It is interesting to note that studies have shown eighty percent of people who were polled prefer to watch a live video as opposed to reading a blog post.

When asked if she will give some practical tips she reveals, “Don’t worry, I’ll include some bonus ‘how to’ secrets you can include in your next live broadcast.”

Kelland-May brings to the table her experience from hosting the weekly live broadcast, Equestrian Skill Builders LIVE as well as live presentations from CHA and WEG. Equestrian Skill Builders LIVE is unique because although there is a loose structure to the format, viewers are encouraged to ask questions and comment in real time from within the platform about the information that is being discussed. In addition to knowledgeable guests, Kelland-May has Patricia Jellerson, a USEF ‘R’ judge as her co-host.

Laura Kelland-May is an Equestrian Canada Senior Judge (Jumper, Hunter, Equitation and Hack), Senior Steward, Competition Coach Specialist, High Performance Trained and is the host of the weekly live broadcast Equestrian Skill Builders LIVE, from her YouTube and Facebook pages.

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If you would like to be a guest on Equestrian Skill Builders Live with Laura Kelland-May, please contact Laura Kelland-May at (613) 304-7013 or email LKellandMay@gmail.com

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