Team Roping Journal’s ‘The Score’ Podcast Launches Season 4 with Rope Horse Market Report

“The Score,’ a podcast by the staff of The Team Roping Journal, launched its fourth season with a three-part series on the rope horse market utilizing the likes of 26-time World Champion Trevor Brazile, WPRA World Champion Lari Dee Guy and AQHA legend J.D. Yates.

The season kicks off with an analysis on the rope horse market, with Brazile joining auctioneer Steve Friskup and Billings Livestock’s Jann Parker, as well as Oklahoma horse seller Mark Smith, to discuss the forces at work driving up the price of a good rope horse. In the second part of the series, Yates, Guy, NFR heeler and iconic breeder Dean Tuftin and California rope horse trainer Bert McGill expand upon how those forces are affecting the business they do day-to-day.

“This series was our chance to bring together some of the greatest minds in the horse industry to help the average roper understand what is driving prices up, and how they can better situate themselves for the future of the horse market,” host Chelsea Shaffer said. “I was able to capture some of the conversations had around the dinner table with some of the smartest horsemen and horsewomen I know and bring it to this podcast.”

The third part of the series covered the perspectives Brazile, Guy, Yates and Parker have toward the breakaway horse market as it grows alongside breakaway roping as a sport.

“Moving into this fourth season, we’re hoping to bring a more personal touch to the podcast than ever before, and I think these first three episodes really set the tone for that,” Shaffer said. “When we started this podcast, the goal was to bring the kind of casual conversations we have every day at The Team Roping Journal. I think in this season you’ll hear a lot more of that.”

Season 4 will also offer the weekly news-update Short Score episodes, audio articles from The Team Roping Journal’s print magazine and audio roping lessons from top pros.

Listen every other Thursday for the most recent interviews and stories. Find ‘The Score’ episodes hosted on and visit TRJ’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more content. The Score is produced by Kaitlin Gustave. Have any suggestions? Send them to

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