Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America Signs EQ Media

The Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America (MFHA) leadership announced it has engaged EQ Media to manage the organization’s communications. Founded in 1907, the MFHA is the governing body of mounted foxhunting dedicated to promoting, preserving and protecting the sport throughout the United States and Canada. The association promotes mounted hunting with hounds, establishes and maintains standards, registers eligible foxhounds and maintains the registry of the Foxhound studbook. MFHA registers and recognizes hunt clubs and records boundaries for organized hunting establishments.

“After completing the most recent strategic planning session, the board recognized even more fully the importance of committing to a broader, more comprehensive communications strategy,” said MFHA President Leslie Rhett Crosby. “EQ Media is the perfect partner to guide and move MFHA into the future.”

EQ Media will promote MFHA’s activities, impressive and little-known conservation efforts and significant contributions to canine health research. Plans are underway for a rebranding process, a new website, a retooled Covertside magazine, new affiliations and partnerships and more robust communications.

EQ Media is a Wellington, Florida-based full-service agency with an equestrian focus. Carrie Wirth, a marketing and communications veteran, founded the company in 2016.

“Our team is ready to dig in and tell the MFHA story,” Wirth said.

The Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America (MFHA) was formed in 1907 and is the governing body of mounted foxhunting in the United States and Canada. Its membership includes 144 recognized foxhunt organizations, their members and enthusiasts. The nonprofit organization promotes mounted hunting with hounds and creates and maintains the standards for foxhunting organizations. MFHA manages the Foxhound studbook and works to improve the breed.

MFHA’s two foundations support its many efforts. The MFHA Foundation fosters the conservation of lands and has been instrumental in conserving more than 1 million acres of habitat. The MFHA Foundation also educates and informs the public about the sport of foxhunting. Another commitment of the MFHA Foundation is advancement in canine and horse health. The MFHA Foundation is a primary funder of a decade-long research project on tick-borne illnesses at the University of Iowa. The Hunt Staff Benefit Foundation (HSBF) provides professional development and charitable services for hunt staff and their families.

For MFHA, the welfare and training of hounds and horses and conservation of wildlife habitat are paramount.

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