Feed Room Chemist Podcast Makes Equine Nutrition Accessible, Surpassing 100,000 Listen

Bluebonnet Feeds and  Stride Animal Health is proud to have reached a milestone with the Feed Room Chemist Podcast, surpassing 100,000 listens. Bluebonnet and Stride believes that each horse is unique, and all horse owners should be empowered with the knowledge to make the right choices for their herds, big and small.

“Feed Room Chemist is designed to provide science-based information to help more people find the right nutritional answers for their horse,” says Dr. Jyme Nichols, Equine Nutritionist. “Most people understand that balanced nutritional needs are critical for optimum wellness and performance of a horse, but deciding exactly what to use can get overwhelming quickly. That’s where this podcast can help.”

Additionally, the science behind equine nutrition is rapidly evolving. New studies are causing owners to change the way they think about feeding their four-legged friends, as well as pushing feed manufacturers to adapt to meet specific needs. With Feed Room Chemist, Dr. Nichols is able to share the latest information in nutrition, bust common myths, and announce product developments – quickly.

“I thoroughly love this podcast!”, says one listener, “The topics are useful and educational. One aspect that I truly appreciate is that Dr. Nichols uses science to back up her presentations! Several episodes have led me to talk with my vet, and have resulted in nutrition changes: especially for my older horses.”

Dr. Jyme Nichols will continue to release new episodes every week, with more details on building programs for specific disciplines, life-stages and answering listener questions.

Another listener said, “I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast! Informational and to the point! Gets you thinking and when you have a question she is SO fast at responding. Can’t share it enough!”

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About the Feed Room Chemist
Each week, Dr. Jyme Nichols, Director of Nutrition for Bluebonnet Feeds and Stride Animal Health, explores unique cases, debunks popular myths, and breaks down advanced research data. This podcast combines a little fun with a lot of science, to provide real-world feeding advice for your horse.

About Dr. Jyme Nichols
Dr. Jyme Nichols is the Director of Nutrition for Bluebonnet Feeds and Stride Animal Health, and is an ARPAS certified Professional Animal Scientist (PAS) in the Equine discipline. She completed her Master of Science at Montana State University and Doctoral degree at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Nichols enjoys making the connection for horse owners between research data and real-world applications of unique nutritional ingredients which can support the intricate needs of a horse from the inside out. Dr. Nichols now shares her knowledge weekly on the Feed Room Chemist Podcast.

About Bluebonnet Feeds
Bluebonnet Feeds (BluebonnetFeeds.com)  believes that “Quality is the Best Value”, innovating to bring the latest in equine nutrition to their diverse line of products. Also raising the bar on label transparency, Bluebonnet Feeds is proud to maintain open labels, locked formulas, and an ionophore-FREE facility as a standard policy.

About Stride Animal Health
Stride Animal Health (StrideAnimalHealth.com) utilizes research and science to develop solutions that create longevity and fulfillment for your equine companion. Research proven ingredients are used to ensure efficacy, and our facilities are routinely inspected by state and government officials to ensure accuracy and safety. Rest assured your horse is receiving the finest quality possible when you choose Stride Animal Health.

Kaitlyn Hurst
Director of Marketing, Bluebonnet Feeds & Stride Animal Health


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