Cavallo Hoof Boots: New Pads for “CLB” Miniature Boots 

Cavallo Horse & Rider introduces pads to fit inside the company’s Cute Little Boots (CLBs). The boots for miniature horses and ponies can now provide all the cushion needed for intense work or times of hoof ailments. Add the new CLB Hoof Boot Pads ( into your CLB Boots for extra comfort during times of rehab or soreness or during activities such as driving and cart-pulling, trail work, therapeutic visits, and more!

The CLB Hoof Boot Pads fit inside CLB Boots sized M1-M4 in regular or slim soles (boots sold separately at CLB Boots fit small equines with hooves measuring from 2 3/8” to 4”. Find the small boot size you need: then order your boots and the optional pads. Trim the pads with the marked sizing guides to the size your equine needs.

The new pads are made of a specially-formulated microcellular foam compound that absorbs shock and concussion. The 5mm-thick pads can be used as a single layer or can be stacked for even more cushion. Pads add extra traction when moving across hard surfaces, too. The material is durable and lightweight. Keep the pads in the boots or remove them easily—depending on your pony or horse’s needs.

Cavallo’s CLBs—as well as pads—helped this miniature horse who had been footsore. “Rocky the mini says a big thank you for his CLBs! He has been sore on the hard ground lately. We put the CLBs on him with pads, and he immediately took off cantering! He’s a happy guy. Thanks, Cavallo!”

The CLB Boots also helped out after a diagnosis of thin soles. “I recently purchased the CLB mini boots for Rowdy—my cart horse, show horse, and my best friend. He is enthusiastic about his work, but his spirits were dampened by his recent diagnosis of thin soles. I put the CLB Boots on Rowdy, and WOW! His short, choppy, tender-footed stride was immediately transformed into a long, confident, ground-covering gait. The boots and comfort pads were easy to size, easy to apply and most importantly ‘Rowdy approved.’ Thanks for getting us back in the cart and show ring!”

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