GGT-Footing is Proud to be a Jump Sponsor for the 2021 LiftMaster Eventing Showcase and Honored to be the Official Footing of the Aiken Horse Park Foundation

The Aiken Horse Park Foundation is excited to welcome GGT-Footing returns as a Jump Sponsor for the 2021 $50,000 LiftMaster Grand-Prix Eventing at Bruce’s Field (GPE). The event will be livestreamed March 5 & 6, 2021 in Aiken, South Carolina, at Bruce’s Field. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no spectators allowed.

“As the old saying goes, building a solid foundation sets you up for success in the future. GGT-Footing is proud to be the foundation for all equestrian disciplines to build their arenas on. Trusted nationwide by thousands of equine professionals, GGT-Footing is the number one name in arena footing, arena conditioners and consultation.

GGT-Footing is proud to be a Jump Sponsor for the 2021 LiftMaster Eventing Showcase and honored to be the Official Footing of the Aiken Horse Park Foundation.

If you would like to learn more about our footing and talk with a member of our team, please give Cynthia Keating a call at (864) 804-0011 or visit

Did you know we now offer a WATER FREE footing option? Ask about it when you give us a call or when you fill out our quote form.”

The VISION of the LiftMaster GPE is to showcase the best of the sport of eventing. It will demonstrate the highest quality and innovation in competition, attracting top horses and riders internationally. Its prestige and format will make it the ideal venue to provide an engaging event drawing a wide variety of spectators from all over. Highlighting the history and character of Aiken throughout the event and involving many local charities of Aiken will exhibit our pride in our community and fulfill the mission of making the horse park a central fixture which “promotes Aiken’s equestrian way of life and supports the community’s civic, educational and charitable endeavors”.

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For information about the 2021 $50,000 LiftMaster Grand-Prix Eventing at Bruce’s Field , visit

Kate Boggan
Director of Marketing & Communications

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