Legendary Hearts of Horses by Adrienne Neary Receiving Excellent Reviews Prior to Official Release

Beech Tree Arts is proud to announce stellar preliminary reviews for Legendary Hearts of Horses by Adrienne Neary in front of its release date on April 15th, 2021.

Neary’s second book highlights the equine large heart phenomenon in a way that’s never been considered; as a physical heart inseparable from its intangible qualities. She uses famous racehorses to introduce the topic, along with theories and methods of ‘large heart’ detection. Insightful and informative, Neary deftly uses science, genetics, logic and Love as the tapestry for this work, showing how horses have changed our lives, and how they continue to do so today. Uplifting and thought provoking, ‘Legendary Hearts of Horses’ contains a message that’s especially important during these challenging times.

People from all backgrounds have responded extremely favorably. Reader’s Favorite has issued 5-star reviews, with accolades from horse and non-horse people alike.

“What a gorgeous, meaningful book. The production details are so distinctive and classy, and the narrative is fascinating and profound. In fact, it explained to me why I always shout and often weep when watching a race, and why we all (horse people or not) feel such a deep surge of excitement. It’s not the speed or the competition that thrills us, it’s the heart we are witnessing. It changes us, somehow. I know the book will reach the hearts of many readers over many years.” – Deb Burns, acquiring editor Storey Publishing

Legendary Hearts of Horses is available for pre-sale at BookBaby, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. MSRP $23.50. Requests for review copies are welcomed. Kindly email Adrienne@beechtreearts.com.

About Adrienne Neary: Equestrian, author, illustrator, researcher and energy practitioner; creator of internationally successful line of equine anatomy charts, pioneer of an innovative equine health care system for horses, author of, ‘Coherent Horsemanship: Combining the Quantum and the Classical”.

When she’s not working, Adrienne spends time with her Husky, who – in turn – spends endless hours devising ways to train Adrienne better. Adrienne also spends time with her retired OTTB who is living the good life.

About Beech Tree Arts: Beech Tree Arts supports horse people with empowering products such as insightful horse books, and beautiful illustrations.

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