Free Riding Progression for Instructors When You Sign Up with EquiConnect – Also Free!

EquiConnect is offering a free, field tested riding progression for riding instructors who sign up with EquiConnect.  It is free to sign up and once you do, we will send you a riding progression that has been tested for riders of all abilities.

You only pay ($5) when a connection is made.

EquiConnect is a brand new platform created to empower the horse-human connection. It is a free listing service for equine service providers, as well as, customers. From equine-assisted riding, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, traditional riding lessons, and more, EquiConnect is the place to list your equine service business. Learn more about EquiConnect at

This website was because of a fifty-year love affair between a horse and a young lady. Starting at the age of five, Jamilyn Anthony knew horses had a major effect on humans. Through the years she discovered just how many ways horses could support people of all ages and make a significant difference.

From the troubled teen whose life is turned around after participating in a quality horseback riding program to the veteran with Post Traumatic Stress who finally finds peace after time with horses. Jamie personally witnessed miracles as a Therapeutic Riding instructor working with individuals with disabilities.

Simply put, EquiConnect was created to connect horses with humans.

Contact: Jamilyn Anthony

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