American Riding Instructors Association Welcomes New Director, William Watson

Charlotte Kneeland is delighted to name an outstanding successor to her role as Director of ARIA.  The American Riding Instructors Association (ARIA) publishes Riding Instructor magazine, which is a wealth of information for instructors, old and new. A free sample copy may be obtained by e-mailing

Bringing fresh energy and expertise to ARIA, William was selected because of his devotion to the high standards for which ARIA has long been known. “I was instantly comfortable with him from the moment we met.  As he’s been here beside me learning the job, I’ve continually been impressed by his intelligence and calm, focused demeanor. He also has all the hi-tech knowledge I lack!  I could not have found anyone more capable and have full confidence that he will serve our members well.”

A true entrepreneur, William imotivated by helping small businesses grow and excels in multiple disciplines including business management, information technology and finance. Most recently, William has been responsible for business operations for Raddl, an e-commerce reviews startup. Previously, he was a partner at a woman-owned IT consulting startup, an energy consultant for an energy procurement startup, and contributed to his family’s remanufacturing business. A New Hampshire native, he earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a dual option in Finance & Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of New Hampshire. As he joins ARIA, William is committed to carrying on a 37-year legacy of serving the nation’s finest riding instructors.

Charlotte and William will continue to work together to ensure a seamless transition, with Charlotte serving as an ongoing consultant and mentor.

Contact: Charlotte Kneeland

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