Cashel Company: Flat Braid Halter

Halter Your Horse in Style

When choosing a halter for your equine companion, security and safety are the top priority.  Cashel’s new Flat Braid Halter is functional while also being stylish. It is crafted from high-quality UV resistant, color fast material. This halter will not stretch, stiffen, or become brittle. This new style is soft and lightweight, while being durable and strong.

Not only can you count on the quality and durability of this halter, but you can also pick your favorite color as well. This halter comes in 10 amazing colors: black, white, brown, copper, olive, gold, navy, blue, purple, and pink with a matching 8-foot lead rope.

When quality is matched with appeal, you cannot go wrong with the Cashel Flat Braid Halter from Cashel. MSRP $27.99.

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 Cashel® began and still does today, manufacture products designed to make your ride safer, more convenient, and affordable. Cashel Company is a part of the Equibrand Products Group family of equine product brands based in Granbury, TX.

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