New Colors of Cashel Slow Feed Top Load Hay Bag

Cashel has expanded its color selection in the Slow Feed Top Load Hay Bag. This hay bag is very convenient in that you can load hay easily using only one hand. It is crafted of tough poly for durability and features a mesh bottom that allows dirt to escape. The top flap closes so that the hay does not escape out of the top. It can hang on the fence or in your trailer and has no-spin, adjustable back straps that keep the bag in place. The feed squares that are 2 ½ inches allow your horse access to hay without too much difficulty but allows them to slowly feed at the same time.

The new colors added to the already popular selection are: Camo, Freedom, and Teal Tribal. The Camo style has green squares and straps with camo pattern back and sides. The Freedom style bag has vibrant red squares and straps with patriotic stars patterns in red, white, and blue on the rest of the bag. Finally, the Teal Tribal pattern features squares and straps in light brown with a triangular teal, brown, and khaki pattern on the remainder of the hay bag. MSRP $59.99.

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Cashel® began and still does today, manufacture products designed to make your ride safer, more convenient, and affordable. Cashel Company is a part of the Equibrand Products Group family of equine product brands based in Granbury, TX.

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