Cavallo Hoof Boots: Removable Cushion Pads for Boots

Cavallo Horse & Rider adds new accessories for its line of hoof boots—the Cavallo Hoof Boot Cushion Pads. The new pads provide horses with extra padding to increase comfort, ease shock, and relieve impact. The pads can also help tighten the fit for horses who are in between sizes. Get a pair now at:

The Hoof Boot Cushion Pads fit inside Cavallo Boots sizes zero through six, in regular and slim-sole designs. Find the small boot size you need: then order your boots and the optional pads. Trim the pads with the marked sizing guides to the size your equine needs.

The pads are made from specially-formulated microcellular foam known to absorb shock and concussion. Horses’ legs and hooves will be cushioned when the pads are inserted during usual riding –or during times of hoof therapy and rehabilitation. The pads can help provide extra comfort and stimulate blood circulation for horses with injuries or bouts of laminitis. Choose the thickness you need to support your horse.  The pads are available in both 5 mm  & 10 mm thicknesses.

MSRP $14.95 to $19.95 per pair. Shop now>>

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 Visit to learn about the full line of Cavallo Hoof Boots. Call (877) 818-0037 from the USA or Canada or call direct, (604) 740-0037.

Cavallo Horse & Rider

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