Business Highlight: Cavallo Horse & Rider  

The female-owned hoof boot company, Cavallo Horse & Rider, is changing horses’ lives one hoof at a time. On her property in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Carole Herder owns and cares for her beloved fleet of horses and dogs. But that’s not the only thing this Canadian horse-enthusiast is responsible for. From the same location—alongside her partner, Greg Giles, and a team of dedicated employees—she also operates her Cavallo Horse & Rider business.

At the Start

Herder founded the Cavallo Horse & Rider in 1993, but her involvement with horses began many years earlier. Through study, observation, and enduring her first horse’s death, she discovered that she was not alone in having a horse with painful hoof-related issues. Her sharp focus led her to question, “Why should horses be bothered with problems when they have survived on the planet for over 50 million years? Doesn’t this amount of time imply that they are sturdy, resilient, and well-designed?”

After seeing so many teenage horses with ailments such as laminitis, navicular disease, ringbone, splints, and arthritis, Herder became committed to finding a solution. Initially, she concluded that horses’ domestication was causing the difficulty. Carole designed and developed the Total Comfort System Saddle Pads to correct uneven saddles, rider imbalance, and overall sore backs. Soon, her belief in caring for horses naturally drew her attention to the hoof. Carole immersed herself in the study of hoof care and went on to design and develop Cavallo Hoof Boots in 2006.

Around this time, Cavallo CEO, Giles, joined the Cavallo team. His history and years of experience in design, production, and footwear business taught him that an exceptionally high-quality level is imperative to longevity and customer satisfaction. Giles provides his wealth of sourcing, manufacturing, commerce, and marketing skills to continually expand the Cavallo Hoof Boots range and enrich the Cavallo brand.

Perfecting the Product

Herder wanted to ensure that everyone could easily use Cavallo Hoof Boots, and she succeeded in doing just that. Cavallo Hoof Boots are a favorite among horse riders and caretakers of all ages. But Herder’s greatest joy is knowing that her life’s work serves to change the world for horses. Through education and her product offerings, she helps to pull horses out of terminal prognosis and hopeless lameness and directs them to the natural comfort and security that Cavallo Hoof Boots provide.

Cavallo Hoof Boots offer safety, comfort, and protection to horses’ unshod hoofs. They enable you to ride over any terrain, at any speed. A horse and rider can move through water, mud, and bogs without the risk of losing a boot or damaging a hoof. Even a horse’s hoof bulbs are protected with soft, pliable, padded leather. They are easy to size and simple to place on the hoof, with no special trims, tools, or gadgets required.

Both Giles and Herder are passionate about their work. They have surrounded themselves with a powerful team of like-minded, avid experts—all with a vision dedicated to developing and delivering innovative products of excellent quality. From the start, the Cavallo mission has been to provide comfort, protection, safety, security, and support to improve the lives of horses worldwide – and that’s exactly what they’ve managed to accomplish.

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Cavallo Horse & Rider


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