Simplify Social Media for Equine Entrepreneurs With Social Stride

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by social media because you don’t know when to post, how to post, or what to post to connect with your dream customers?

If that’s you, then Social Stride, the new monthly membership from Stormlily Marketing, is for you.

As a monthly membership, Social Stride is the ideal social media resource for the horse business owner that wants to make the most of social media to market your business but needs a leg up to get going each month.

And … the doors are open!

When you join Social Stride, each month you’ll get …

  • Calendar of important (and fun) holidays and dates to remember
  • 10 monthly post caption templates you can personalize (Caption template refers to the text of your post on social media. Want a free template sample? Email
  • 10 photo ideas to help you build a bank of usable photos
  • Group coaching plus “power hour” via Zoom where you’ll get quick 10-minute teaching on an aspect of marketing and then be guided through planning and scheduling your monthly social media content.

It’s simple to use. No login to remember or portal to navigate.

Members will get an email the first of each month with what you need to plan your content.

That means the first member-only deliverables will be sent this Thursday, April 1.

Equine entrepreneurs are invited to join Social Stride today! Both annual and monthly options are available at

“Help with social media content is something my audience has been asking for, so I’m grateful to give a hand this way,” says Denise Alvarez, owner of Stormlily Marketing and host of the How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast.

“I’m always telling horse business owners on the podcast that I’m cheering for them, and this is a tangible way to do it!”

Associations and publications are invited to share about this membership on social media, in print, or online. Just use this link:

About Stormlily Marketing
Denise Alvarez is a horse girl who also loves marketing. As host of the How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast and owner of Stormlily Marketing, she helps horse businesses convert their website visitors to their customers through coaching, website design and content, and email marketing strategy. If you want to grow your business but you’d rather be out with the horses than at your computer trying to figure out marketing, Stormlily Marketing is here for you.

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Denise Alvarez
Stormlily Marketing

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