EQUUS Film Fest partners with Classical Dressage Trainer Jill McCrae to Launch #100 Day Classical Dressage Challenge

What is one of the most important things missing in the world of Classical Dressage? An event that brings all aspects of Classical Dressage together and awards the participants for achieving their goals! From basic moves like shoulder-in and haunches-in to mastering Garrocha, Long-Reining and Working Equitation obstacles, the #100_day_classical_dressage_challenge will give the Classical Dressage world an event to call their own.

Get ready for an exciting new program coming this spring! McCrae Farm in partnership with the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest will be launching, both a “Virtually” and “In-Person” Classical Dressage challenge.

Start date May 1st, 2021 – August 8th, 2021.

  • With or without a Lusitano participants can still join in the fun!
  • Participants can be anywhere in their Classical Journey to participate.
  • Work-In Hand, Working Equitation, Garrocha and Long-Reining too.
  • Awards will be presented at the end of the challenge.
  • Jill will also be available for private video sessions, to help participants on their journey.
  • Participants can enter from anywhere in the world, any horse, any age,
  • With a special “Thank You” to Espana Silk , Summit Joint Performance and Omega Fields for supplying amazing prizes to our top 10 Winners!

Participants will submit a video of where they and their horse are at in their training when they start the 100 days. Weekly videos will be submitted and reviewed as they progress. Awards will be presented at the end of the challenge.

Jill McCrae is an accomplished French Classical Dressage rider and trainer. Jill earned her Riding Masters’ degree in 1977 from Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center in West Virginia and was valedictorian of her class, she is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Jill served her Classical riding apprenticeship with French Classical Dressage Master and author of the new book “Broken or Beautiful: The Struggle of Modern Dressage”, Dominique Barbier.

Awareness for the classical equestrian arts is growing globally and many riders are seeking new ways to improve their skills. The benefits from riding with lightness brings both the horse and rider a soft connection. Jill McCrae has been training classical riders for over 35 years at her Grayslake facility. She has also started a “Virtual” lesson program for classical dressage riders across the United States and in other countries.

 About McCrae Farm: McCrae Farm was established in 1987. They are a classical horsemanship facility dedicated to training, instruction and performance.

 They are dedicated to the preservation of French Classical Training principals set in the Eighteenth Century by François Robichon de La Guérinière. They also share their love of horses with the local community via performances and instructions. What started out as their first performance twelve years ago has inspired and grown into sold out performances to benefit local charities and to entertain family and friends. Inspired by traveling around the world, from Brazil to Paris, and seeing what the top schools and troupes have to offer, McCrae Farm has melded these experiences and brought them to life in the Midwest.

 About EQUUS Film & Arts Fest: Founded in 2013 by Lisa Diersen, Fest Director, an avid equestrian who has spent her life in the company of horses. Lisa’s mission is to show the world how horses can bring everyone together regardless of race, age, gender, abilities, or disabilities. She presently raises, trains, and loves Lusitano horses in Maple Park, Illinois, with her faithful campion, the spunky Jack Russell, Amore.

 Diana De Rosa, an international equine photographer and journalist, joined EQUUS in 2015 as co-organizer of the NYC event. Diana is a veteran equestrian photojournalist, who has traveled the world and has recorded equestrian history for over 35 years. Her story and photography have taken her to over 30 countries. An accomplished rider herself, De Rosa understands the horse world from many different angles. She also has two of her own columns on hubpages.com/@dianaderosa. Her photography can be seen at www.dianaderosa.com

 The EQUUS Film & Arts Fest highlights and rewards the diverse and creative efforts of those who pay artistic homage to the horse. Every horse has a story, it’s our mission at the EQUUS Film & Arts Fest to share those stories, through film, art and literature.

 EQUUS Film & Arts Fest 2021 will take place both “Virtually” and “Live” November 12 – 21, 2021! More info coming soon.

 Visit our website at www.equusfilmfestival.net and like us on FaceBook and Twitter.

CONTACT: Lisa Diersen 630-272-3077



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