Premier Equestrian Launches New 500 Gallon Compact Water Wagon

Today Premier Equestrian launched their newest product offering: a 500 Gallon Compact Water Wagon. The Premier Water Wagon is an invaluable and versatile tool for water application needs in horse arenas, farms, and more.

“We are excited to launch the Premier Equestrian Water Wagon. Our customers have been asking for this type of utility and now we can deliver. The water wagon has many uses inside the arena and out. It’s a great new addition to our line of arena maintenance and hydration products,” said Mark Neihart, CEO of Premier Equestrian.

The 500-gallon Premier Equestrian Water Wagon hauls and applies large volumes of water around arenas, farms, and horse properties. The Water Wagon can be used for washing and spot watering and helps with arena hydration and dust abatement. The Water Wagon is powered by an engine and pump to apply variable amounts of water from either the rear spray nozzles or spot application with the spray hose. The flow of water can be turned on and off from the seat of the tow vehicle. The tank can be filled with a pond-fill attachment or with a garden hose.

Along with this new Water Wagon, Premier Equestrian offers a variety of arena maintenance tools and hydration products including Premier Arena Grooming Equipment, Hydro-Keep, and Slow Dust.

For the last decade, Premier Equestrian has been studying how equestrian arena surfaces interact with horse biomechanics. All Premier Equestrian arena footing products are formulated with biomechanics and injury prevention in mind.

Premier Equestrian is North America’s leading supplier of high-quality footing products, arena groomers, OTTO Sport base mat systems, and arena consultation. Premier Equestrian is a recognized expert in horse arena footing as it relates to equine biomechanics. This knowledge is used daily to help horse owners across North America improve arenas and footing.

Learn more at or call 800-611-6109.

For more information contact:
Heidi Zorn, Premier Equestrian

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