Propel Your Equine Business into the Second Quarter

How will you set your equine business apart in the second quarter of 2021?

Managing an equine business is all about connecting and collaborating with the right people. Although the industry, as a whole, is vastly different, the thread that connects us is our love of horses.

In a sea of marketing options, The HorseNet is an untapped resource for thousands and thousands of businesses. Are you one of them?

When a new tool emerges it can be challenging to jump right on board. It may be because you are busy or not brave enough to try a new platform; however, this month we have something exciting to offer you (if you dare!).

Please allow us the honor of a free consultation call. Yes, actually speaking to a real live person on the phone that can walk you through the initial set up. It’s not very time consuming, but it will make a world of difference in your equine business.

Once your profile is complete, you’ll have access to the entire website and you will leave the call with a greater understanding of exactly how this website can help your business grow.

We want to make it insanely simple to set up your business account, as well as, understand how to navigate the site so that it can serve you to its maximum potential. We also want to offer you a Business Spotlight on our Facebook Page as well.

Contact Marsh Martin today to set up your free call:

You can preview a complete list of website features:

About the founder of The HorseNet, Marsha Martin:
Marsha Martin has been a life-long horse lover!

She has done everything from camping and trail riding to winning an AQHA World Championship (in Team Roping) aboard her heart horse, “Gustafus James” (a.k.a. “Gus”).  Marsha worked in the Healthcare Industry and experienced software tools that solved a wide variety of problems.  She realized the Horse Industry didn’t have any tools like this!  In her experience owning horses and working within the industry, she discovered a need for a site that connected different aspects of the industry (horse businesses, events, marketplace, AND horse health/performance records) while offering a community to connect with.

To reach Marsha directly, please contact her here: or

Contact: Marsha Martin

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