Book Giveaway – Equestrian Yoga for All Ages and All Horses

Equestrian Skill Builders LIVE with special guest Natalie Mendik and Danny Chapparo Co-Authors “Equestrian Yoga – With For and On Your Horse”

 Equestrian yoga? Is there such a thing? The short answer is yes. If you have a vision of tight yoga pants and supple young people, not to worry, we’re going to bust that myth.

Natalie Mendik of Mendik Media, and Danny Chapparo, Ashva Yoga, Co-authors of “Equestrian Yoga, With For and On Your Horse” will be my guests on Equestrian Skill Builders LIVE April 3rd 9:30 am Eastern.

In addition to sharing with us some yoga movements to improve you AND your horse they are offering a book prize give away. “They will share with us how performing these yoga movements can make a difference for you and your horse and how they developed their book as well as offering a book giveaway for some lucky listener,” says Kelland-May.

There is a lot of trendy input around equestrian yoga. Some develop programs for the rider. They usually include stretches and positions to help with your riding. This book is unique. Mendik and Chapparo have brought together exercises to reach out to all disciplines of riders and different types of horse and rider partnerships.

Kelland-May says, “I am looking forward to having Natalie Mendik and Danny Chapparo as a special guest this week. Their interest in providing information to horse people of all disciplines is quite clear. Understanding of the horse and how to improve their way of going through an in-depth development of a on and off horse program through yoga will be a benefit to many equestrians and their horses.”

True to its title, not only does the book offer regular poses “off the horse” but there are excellent descriptions for performing yoga poses ON your horse as well as beautiful photos outlining yoga poses FOR your horse. The exercises in this book “are something every horse and rider can do,” says Mendik. She continues, “Equestrian yoga is a great way to connect with your horse”.

The Equestrian Skill Builders LIVE broadcast was developed by Kelland-May to provide a resource for horse owners and riders and can be found on The Equestrian Skill Builders Facebook Page and on Kelland-May’s YouTube Channel. “Interviewing equestrian professionals who can help all riders and horse owners is my goal,” says Kelland-May.

Equestrian Skill Builders LIVE is a live broadcast and viewers are encouraged to ask questions and comment on the information that is being discussed. This week we will cover:

Equestrian Skill Builders Live is on Facebook and YouTube. If you miss the live broadcast, Kelland-May says, “not to worry, you can catch the replay, but I encourage you to join us live”.

Laura Kelland-May is an Equestrian Canada Senior Judge (Jumper, Hunter, Equitation and Hack), Senior Steward, Competition Coach Specialist, High Performance Trained and is the host of the weekly live broadcast Equestrian Skill Builders LIVE, from her YouTube and Facebook pages.

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