Kentucky Equestrian Directory Shares the Exclusive Story Featuring the Five Remaining Triple Crown Winning Jockeys – the Living Legends

The 2021 issue of Kentucky Equestrian Directory magazine is hitting the shelves featuring an exclusive 20-page article on Living Legends of the Triple Crown: the five jockeys that have won the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred horse racing, sharing their personal stories and photos. Now available both in print and as free digital online issue.

With one-on-one interviews, the five Triple Crown winning jockeys, Ron Turcotte (Secretariat 1973), Jean Cruguet (Seattle Slew 1977), Steve Cauthen (Affirmed 1978), Victor Espinoza (American Pharoah 2015), and Mike Smith (Justify 2018), gave us a look inside their world from their childhood, careers, and where they are in life today. Not only did they give us a glimpse into their lives, but also their own friendships with one another and how they have even inspired each other to become jockeys.

“With many hours of conversation hearing each jockey’s story, from laughing at Victor’s comical memories from childhood, to learning how Mike can stay so focused and calm even during the biggest races. Sharing many phone calls with Ron, including on Christmas Day, being invited on a personal tour of Steve’s beautiful farm in Kentucky, to the growing friendship with Jean and his wife, LuAnne. Writing this story has been an experience that I will forever treasure and hope that our readers will enjoy it just as much as I have!” shares writer, Mandy Boggs.

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