2021 Ohio Equestrian Directory Hits the Shelves

The 2021 issue of Ohio Equestrian Directory magazine – the complete guide for horse enthusiasts, is hitting the shelves! Featuring informative articles from the pros on a variety of trending topics and exclusive stories shared only with our readers, such as the story on the Living Legends – Triple Crown Jockeys, and A Bridge to Greener Pastures – Retirement Homes for Horses. Now available both in print and as free digital online issue.

The 2021 issue also includes one especially relevant and informative piece on Finding Courage Through the Heart of the Horse; a unique look at how horses can help people with their emotions and daily struggles of everyday life, especially during times of unprecedented change and the rough time many are experiencing with the ongoing pandemic.

“Creating resilience, managing stress, regulating emotions in times of challenge and unexpected change. Guided by relationship with horses and heart focus practices we can strengthen our courage, compassion, confidence, and community.”

The 2021 issue of Ohio Equestrian Magazine is a complimentary annual publication available in local tack shops and feed stores across Ohio, with an online digital edition available for free worldwide at https://www.ohioequestriandirectory.com/

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 About Ohio Equestrian Directory
ENSO Media Group, Inc. brings you both the Ohio Equestrian Directory and Kentucky Equestrian Directory – The Complete Guide for Horse Enthusiasts. These annual publications are effective resources for owners, riders, professionals, and businesses of all disciplines to connect within the local horse community. More than just a business directory, it also features content on trending topics, inspiring stories, and informative information from top professionals in the industry.

Ohio Equestrian Directory
Erika Milenkovich, Publisher

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