The May Issue of Sidelines Magazine Is Here

The May 2021 issue of Sidelines is our annual eventing issue and now available on our free digital app and on the Sidelines website — and will arrive in mailboxes soon.

Three-day eventer Caroline Martin graces our cover and shares her story on how to succeed in the equestrian world. Caroline had the financial support of her family when she started her career, but when that ended she had to find another way to fund her career. She has figured it out and shares her advice!

Phillip Dutton, considered the king of U.S. eventing, is also featured in the May issue. Phillip grew up in Australia and before he was a six-time Olympian, a three-time Olympic medalist and a household name in the eventing world, he was riding and working on his family’s sheep and cattle farm. Read his story to find out what he truly loves about his life!

The May issue also features dressage rider Hannah Irons (don’t miss her surprise!); hunter-jumper trainer Erin Stewart, daughter of Don Stewart; show jumper Aaron Vale; artist Kelly Wilkinson Coffin; polo player Brandon Phillips and his charity Polo For Life; Texas siblings Whitney LaBrie and Frankie Owens; Sidelines Superstar Luis J. Rodriguez plus so much more.

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Sidelines Magazine
Jan Westmark, Editor-In-Chief


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