Cashel® Company: Crusader Fly Protection

New Crusader Patterns in Cashel Fly Protection Line

Spring is here! Warm weather, green grass, blue skies…and unfortunately…pest! Cashel Company has you covered with the Crusader Fly Protection line of products. New patterns in the best-selling Crusader fly mask include Leopard, Freedom, Orchid, and Teal Tribal. Get all the comfort and protection for the Standard Crusader Fly Mask, but with style. Choose different patterns to match each horse’s personality or choose a single design to easily tell yours apart.

Patterns are available in both the Standard mask and the Standard with Ears. The MSRP for the Standard is $26.99 and $30.99 for the Standard with Ears. Find these and other trusted Cashel Company products at your favorite Cashel dealer or visit for more information. Be sure to follow Cashel on Instagram and Facebook.

Cashel began and still does today, manufacture products designed to make your ride safer, more convenient, and affordable.


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