The Freelance Remuda Publishes Episode 36: Talking Children’s Books with Lindsay Keller

The Freelance Remuda is back in 2021 and re-loaded with new, informative and educational content for equine media specialists, including the latest podcast episode featuring children’s book author Lindsay Keller. Lindsay works with her artist mother Marilyn Dormer to create stories that speak to today’s ranch-loving young readership. Together, the duo formed The Bell Mare Book Company. Lindsay’s insight on self-publishing and creative process is both educational and encouraging.

Living on a ranch in northeast Oklahoma, Lindsay has first-hand experience with ranching, horses and cattle, a subject that is brought to life in her three books featuring a horse named “Short Go.” Short Go has a couple of ranch kids that help him on his adventures in Short Go Makes the NFRShort Go’s Big Ranch Adventure, and the coloring book Ranch’ and Rodeoin’: A coloring book for little cowkids.

“I loved hearing from Lindsay about The Bell Mare Book Co.’s process from idea to publication,” Abigail Boatwright, Freelance Remuda co-host said. “It’s a great example of taking a labor of love and creating something many other children can enjoy.”

An avid barrel racer herself, and a mother to two small children, Lindsay knows her subjects in and out. It makes Short Go’s adventures all the more real. It also drives her to have the books published exactly how she envisions them. In the episode discussion, Lindsay talks about the nitty-gritty of self-publishing.

“My mom and I both hope that, now a few years down the road from where we started, we both feel like these books can be a tangible legacy for us to leave behind,” Lindsay said in the interview. “One of our main goals is hopefully someday, my grandkids will be reading these books to their kids and they’re telling them about Mom and I and how we worked together to create these. So when you keep that in mind, it puts a lot of pressure on making a high quality product. So it’s not a fast process for us.”

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“It has been fulfilling to not only watch our mentees establish themselves in the equine media industry, but to also hire them for our publications,” said Kate, who serves as communications manager for the National Reined Cow Horse Association and editor of the Reined Cow Horse News. “Having fellow equine writers contribute to the NRCHA’s publication is such a thrill from my standpoint as editor and also as a former freelancer myself.”

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