Join Us for the World Premiere Screening of WILD LANDS WILD HORSES: Theodore Roosevelt National Park: The Mini Series

Saturday, May 15, at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central


Join the creators of “Wild Lands Wild Horses,” Jamie Baldanza and Deb Lee Carson on YouTube LIVE for their world premiere of their new mini series, “Theodore Roosevelt National Park.”

Each month they will put out one, five-ten minute episode, that gives you a glimpse into the behaviors of the horses that live wild and free in the national park located in the rugged badlands of western North Dakota.  Watch their personalities come to life and their magical landscape mesmerize you.

In Episode 1 we get a glimpse into band stallion Red Face and two of his unruly mares, Lakota and Emmylou!

Join us as two stallions, Satellite and Vamoose succumb to their sassy ways.

We hope to see you there!

About Jamie Baldanza (Instagram: @thismustanglife)
Jamie Baldanza is a professional equine photographer and filmmaker dedicated to preserving America’s wild horses. Jamie’s production company “This Mustang Life” concentrates on bringing animal causes to the public through film and photography.

Jamie is currently working on the docu-series “Wild Lands Wild Horses.”  “Wild Lands Wild Horses” is a docu-series that transports you across 12 western states consisting of 150M+ acres of public lands. Beautiful cinematography that takes place in the wild is woven into exclusive conversations with scientists, ranchers, government officials, and wildlife advocates, who — despite their differences — all share the same goal: TO KEEP THE WEST WILD.

Upcoming projects include a short film collaboration with Skydog Sanctuary about “The SAFE Act,” The Safeguard American Food Exports or SAFE Act would permanently ban horse slaughter in the U.S. and end the export of horses for slaughter abroad.

About Deb Lee Carson (Instagram: @spirit_horse_woman)
Deb Lee Carson is a wild horse photographer and artist whose Fly Without Wings exhibit pays tribute to America’s wild spirit, and has raised substantial funds for wild horse non-profit organizations and she continues to use her work to raise awareness and advocate for the historic wild horses of America.

Her new work, entitled Wild and Untethered, was exhibited at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN and was made possible by a grant from SEMAC.

Deb has more than 50 years of equine reproductive experience, 12 years observing wild horse behavior, and 3 years working as a field research technician with the CSU wild horse contraceptive study.

Jamie Baldanza

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