2020 AQHA Annual Report

The 2020 AQHA Annual report reflects growth in the equine industry through AQHA memberships, transfers and registrations.

The American Quarter Horse Association has released the 2020 AQHA Annual Report, which is available to download at www.aqha.com/annualreport. The annual report contains complete statistics for AQHA membership, horse registrations and transfers, show and race statistics, and more.

“We are excited to see the industry growing, and the 2020 AQHA Annual Report reflects that growth,” said Craig Huffhines, AQHA executive vice president. “2020 was indeed a challenging year in many respects, but I can assure you that the combined strengths of the AQHA Executive Committee and our AQHA leadership teams, which included staff, committees and councils, worked hard to advance our Association. The annual report reflects that hard work with increases in transfers and registrations, along with AQHA memberships. For the first time since 2007, AQHA saw a year-over-year increase in membership with more than 226,500 members worldwide. In addition, the Association surpassed more than 6 million horses registered since 1940. I encourage all AQHA members to read through the annual report for a statistical look at our Association.”

Highlights from the 2020 Annual Report include:

  • Membership increase:       221,251 (2019)          to         226,577
  • Registration increase:        68,655 (2019)            to        78,524
  • Transfer increase:               93,352 (2019)            to        107,245

The 2020 annual report also provides statistics that reflect an increase in competition through AQHA shows, races and the Ranching Heritage Breeder program.

View the 2020 AQHA Annual Report or download the executive summary at www.aqha.com/annualreport.

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Sarah Davisson
AQHA Director of Communications and Special Events

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