Horizon Structures Presents Series: Not Your Grandparents’ Horse Barn ~ Spin That Color Wheel

When it comes to color choices for their new horse barns modern day horse owners are breaking with tradition, and why not! While it may still be a good idea to avoid psychedelic color choices when it comes to paint and stain color selection for outbuildings especially if you wish to keep your neighbors happy and have an option for property resale later, the days of red oxide color scheme that spoke to the legacy of farmers’ innovative ideas in the 1700’s, are rapidly being replaced by a more avant-garde and sophisticated color palette.

In the past Americans have generally opted for more conservative color schemes than their European colleagues in horse barn paints and stains. Meantime, modern architectural creations across the pond have embraced vivid primary color schemes for decades. While equine aficionados are by their very nature slightly more restrained in their color choices for buildings’ siding, trim and roof requirements, as the next generation realize their horse barn ownership dreams a transition is slowly taking place across the U.S.A.

What is trending today? Veteran Chief Marketing Officer Jill Siragusa at the leading U.S. modular horse barn construction company, Horizon Structures L.L.C., based in Atglen, PA (with a national footprint), has seen paint colors and stain choices ran the gamut during her career, and has this to share with the prospective horse barn purchaser:

“There will always be a place for the traditional barn colors in the market, but the tide of color does change. The range of color choices we offer may have more than a bit to do with that, but there is no question that our customers are becoming braver about their color selection, and not being constrained by tradition. It’s great to see folks individualizing their horse barn, and enjoying embracing new options. A very popular color scheme in recent months has been a bold black paint to adorn the board and batten siding with bright bronze stains for doors to highlight the entranceways. Our team has also produced a gray version with the same stain colors that was very well received. People are thinking outside the paint box these days, and as house architecture styles and colors change complementing color schemes for the horse barn migrate with them.”

There is also a vibrant trend toward light and bright white siding, with light gray accents for trim. This chic ‘Miami’ look on a horse barn is breathtaking, with the horses’ coats providing the contrast coloring as the equine occupants gaze out from their Dutch doors.

“Light colors are always a ‘cool’ choice for hot climates, and as Horizon Structures services all areas of the U.S.A., with our latest factory in Wyoming that came on line earlier this year providing a cost effective solution for modular builds out West, our team is building a lot more white and light colored structures for our customers,” explained Siragusa.

Of course the addition of paint and stains to wood siding and trim does a lot more than make a building look pretty. Protection of the natural fibers of the wood from adverse weather elements is the key reason to apply a coating to the structure. The farmers of the 1700’s were right on point with their reasoning on that front. Today’s stains and paints can offer up to 15 years durability without the need for repainting or re-staining, and thus compete well against their metal and modern low maintenance material counterparts.

“I don’t think shopping for a horse barn has ever been more fun,” said Siragusa, “ Our online choices mean you can shop literally from your couch and choose from a huge variety of options to personalize your horse barn and have it just how you want it, with the written assurance of ‘to the penny quotes’, and accurate timelines for delivery and set up. We are also very excited about a unique offering that is coming soon for purchasers of our larger barns, a virtual 2D and 3D view of their barn design. How cool is that!”

There are many decisions to make when it comes to buying a horse barn, and it is wise to resource advice on all aspects before coming to a final decision. Don’t forget to ask about financing options, written warranty provisions and clearly written contracts before parting with a deposit on a build. This is especially important at this time, due to the volatility in the lumber commodity market and the insane demand within the marketplace for new builds in the current climate.

“Despite our ability to leverage our materials purchasing power due to our high production of structures, the turbulent lumber market challenges even a company our size to maintain price points over long periods. Our usual 30 day hold on our written quotes has consequently been reduced to 7 days in recent months. But rest assured that as always that our Amish craftsman crew are ready to build whatever you need to their exacting standards, be it one of our new timber frame structures, a low profile barn or a humble run-in shed. Trust and transparency have always been our watchwords, and that won’t change,” stated Siragusa proudly.

For more information please visit www.HorizonStructures.com where a world of fun horse barn shopping awaits!

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