The Business Animal Podcast Celebrates 10th Episode

Equine and animal-based entrepreneurs have a new podcast dedicated to their success. Kimberly Beer of Be More Business and Cara Taylor Swift of Fast Horse Photography have teamed up to host a new podcast for equine, pet and animal-based entrepreneurs. The duo tackles the things that really matter to growing, sustaining, and prospering as small business owners including marketing, mindset, tech, and more.

The podcast focuses on helping business owners in the animal industry be successful, profitable, joyful and sustainable. The hosts and guests share stories, techniques, strategies, and inspiration just for businesses in the equine, pet and agricultural space.

“Loving this podcast! Each week I look forward to a new episode. I have been a business owner all of my life, but sometimes in this ever-changing world, it’s hard to keep up with everything we should be doing. I feel like these two ladies are talking directly to me most of the time — and on things that I should be working on in my business. So much useful information. Thank you!” says listener Phyllis Burchett of Phyllis Burchett Photography in Georgia.

On each episode listeners will find topics they can relate to and that address the unique aspects of the animal and pet industry. With the help of industry leading guest interviews, Cara and Kim have also packed in a lot of practical knowledge that business owners can actually use to start, grow and prosper in both business and life.

Recent topics that have people talking are:  Social Proof, Choosing the Perfect Marketing Images, Building Your Sustainability Squad, and Evolved Email Marketing.

If you share your business with animals, serve animal owners, are in the pet or equine industry, you’ve found your herd, pack, pride, flock, tribe — or whatever you call your collective. We are available anywhere you like to listen or visit our website for more information, downloads, and free tips at

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