Cashel® Company: Leopard Quiet Ride

New pattern in the Cashel Quiet Ride.

Spring has sprung and there is no better time for a ride! Keep your horse calm and your ride enjoyable with the Cashel Company line of Quiet Ride products. With a fun new Leopard pattern, the Quiet Ride is a fashionable way to keep your horse at ease on the go. While it fits like the Crusader Fly Mask, the Quiet Ride is made of a lighter material that easily fastens over your bridle to provide protection from pests. The soft, lightweight, breathable mesh offers your horse maximum protection and comfort in any situation.

The leopard pattern is available in both the Standard mask and the Standard with Ears. The MSRP for the Standard is $24.99 and $28.99 for the Standard with Ears. Find these and other trusted Cashel Company products at your favorite Cashel dealer or visit for more information. Be sure to follow Cashel on Instagram and Facebook.

Cashel began and still does today, manufacture products designed to make your ride safer, more convenient, and affordable.


Jeye Johnson
Director of Marketing
972-481-8104 ext. 4111

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